I’m a Berlin-based product marketer, copywriter and lifecycle strategist for mobile app growth and engagement.


⚡️ Are you searching for a plan, an idea or a tagline that actually converts?

I'll share something upfront:


If you’re looking for someone coming from traditional marketing with a conventional business background...


I’m not the one.


Instead, I've found my path into marketing driven by mere curiosity and an academic profile in neuroscience, psychology, communications & human-computer interaction.

What I do:

I help brands and digital products craft thoughtful communications with evidence-based and empathy-driven strategies.

From planning, execution to coaching, I will support you and guide you along the journey to:


🚀 Launching your product

  • Have your story heard loud and clear throughout your landing pages, product and marketing channels

  • Reach your target audience effectively with conversion-driven messaging


📲 Owning your product lifecycle

  • Nurture early adopters into loyal enthusiasts

  • Build a 1-1 relationship between your product and your audience


🧪 Mastering data analysis and testing

  • Navigate the lake of data with ease

  • Dig deeper into your audience segments, behaviourial insights and create a future-proof playground for A/B testing